Facebook May Loosen Rules on Marijuana Content

Marijuana advertisements could soon be coming to a Facebook feed near you.

The UK Telegraph reports Facebook executives are considering lifting a longstanding ban on marijuana advertising and other cannabis-related content. The company has formed a “working group” to study the issue. Their task includes figuring out how they could block ads from people under the age of 21 and how they would handle ads in places where pot is still illegal.

“Since marijuana faces different legal and social restrictions across the globe, this may be operationally challenging for us,” one Facebook employee told the Telegraph. The company “may encounter regional pushback in those areas of the world where the law or [society] views marijuana negatively,” the employee said.

Facebook has slowly been relaxing its rules on cannabis content as the legalization movement spreads. Last year, when Canada legalized marijuana, the website lifted a moratorium on cannabis-related search results



Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 04:32

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