San Diego Considers Cannabis Lounges, Takes Notes from San Francisco

San Diego is contemplating whether to allow cannabis lounges to open which will permit consumers a social setting for on-site use of the drug. City officials take note from other municipalities, like San Francisco which legalized such parlors a long time ago, before deciding.

In a meeting last week, members of the San Diego City Council’s economic development committee announced that the city would not be opposed to weed lounges. The announcement came after leaders in the marijuana industry stated that getting intoxicated is a social affair, ultimately making a case for such public-yet-safe establishments.

The city wants to study other places that allow such enterprises to exist before giving the final go ahead. City officials are researching which regulations to imitate, mainly looking at San Francisco for reference. San Francisco, Oakland, Palm Springs, West Hollywood and Eureka all have such consumption lounges, with the bay opening its first smoking room in 2010.

Opponents against consumption lounges argue that opening such businesses won’t do anything to terminate the black market and may increase crime rate in the city.

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