Alameda County Launches Automated Cannabis Enforcement Program

One of the biggest challenges facing cities and counties in the post-Prop 64 world is keeping a level playing field by ensuring compliance with local cannabis laws. And to that end, a growing number of jurisdictions are turning to technology.

Alameda County says it has just launched its own automated code enforcement program through a partnership with regulatory tech provider Adherence Compliance Inc.

“The program includes cannabis operations training, regulatory code reviews and onsite inspection software,” said Edward Labayog, Senior Code Enforcement Investigator for the Alameda County Planning Department (PR Newswire). “With the Adherence SCORE App, the County can efficiently inspect, monitor, report and rank cannabis businesses. Overall, the program implementation has been a success.”

The county inked a contract with Adherence Compliance Inc. in July of 2018. The company’s president, Michael J. Hunt, said his firm is proud to be working with Alameda to further routine code enforcement with the goal of public safety in mind.



Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 19:06

The Pleasant Hill City Council approved an ordinance Monday that will ban all commercial marijuana businesses, while allowing a maximum of two medical delivery services. The vote was unanimous.