UPS is Suing a Group of California Weed Delivery Companies

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is suing three California-based pot delivery services for using names and logos that seem awfully similar to the multinational package delivery company’s.

Between August and November, UPS says it sent three Cease and Desist letters to United Pot Smokers, UPS420, and THCPlant — all of whom sell products through a website called UPS says they never responded.

On Feb. 13, the company filed a federal trademark infringement complaint in federal court. UPS is seeking a permanent injunction.

The company’s request for a restraining order has been denied until the court can hear from the defendants. They have until Feb. 28 to respond. A hearing is to be held on March 7.

Are these company’s unfairly riffing on the UPS brand? You decide