Three Months Later, a Look at Stockton’s Recreational Cannabis Market

Stockton’s commercial cannabis market is well and thriving, presenting new opportunities for revenue in the San Joaquin County city.

There are three adult use cannabis dispensaries now operating legally in Stockton with another two on the horizon. Four cultivation sites have also been approved.

“Before, the city of Stockton was losing a lot of sales because of the fact that we had surrounding dispensaries in other cities (like Sacramento)," Layla Rabah, general manager of Connected Cannabis in east Stockton, told the Stockton Record. "I believe our residents here in Stockton were commuting to other cities to purchase."

The windfall could prove enormous, adds Stockton attorney Zach Drivon. The only thing that would make it better is legalization at the federal level.

“Legalization on a federal level could make us an epicenter for nationwide distribution, as well as shipping cannabis as a globally traded commodity across the Western hemisphere through the Port of Stockton," Drivon said.

"The positive economic impact this could bring to our community is nothing short of profound, given that the national cannabis market is projected for a $20-plus billion-dollar value by 2022."

According to Stockton's dispensary owners, senior citizens make up their fastest growing clientele.

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