Thousand Oaks’ Sole Dispensary Will Be Delayed as Owners Seek Delivery Rules Change

The lone marijuana dispensary slated to open in Thousand Oaks this year wants to go back to the drawing board in light of new rules allowing deliveries anywhere in the state.

Legendary Organics now wants the city council to lift its ban on deliveries because of the new rules dubbed “dynamic delivery.” It wants to see the issue settled before it open its doors.

“Dynamic delivery means that Thousand Oaks, which has banned delivery, is going to get delivery,” Legendary associate Ned Davis — who also happens to be mayor of the neighboring City of Westlake Village — told the Thousand Oaks Acorn. “And it’s not going to be just medical; it’s going to be recreational. We feel quite challenged by that. We want to talk to the City Council about this eventually.”

If and when the city obliges, Legendary’s grand opening will still be delayed. Thousand Oaks’ permit process manager Marjan Behzadi said the city is still working on approving construction plans submitted by the company, which had planned to be up and running by now.

“We didn’t want to sink a lot of money into building a facility that couldn’t support delivery,” Davis explained. It’s not clear how the construction plans would need to change to accommodate a delivery system.

The city is due to receive a report from staff on Feb. 12 regarding the most recent changes to cannabis law. Council members are likely to discuss possible changes to the ban on deliveries after that.