Pot Cultivation is Flourishing in Santa Barbara. Here’s How the County Deals With “the Stink”

Santa Barbara County thinks it has found a way around one of the most common complaints about marijuana cultivation: the smell.

When the county first began crafting its marijuana ordinance, it brought a number of players into the fold. One of them was Graham Farrar, founder of Glass House Farms.

“There was quite a bit of community involvement,” Farrar recently told the Cannabis Business Times. “Odor’s a tough one, right? It's challenging.”

Restricting commercial growth to greenhouses helped a lot. But that wasn’t all.

“You can't grow outdoors within two miles of the urban-rural boundary,” Farrar adds. His greenhouses also use a vapor system to mitigate odors.

Odor control systems must be in place and approved by local health and safety inspectors per county ordinance. The county also has a user-friendly hotline for residents to report any suspected violations. That way, odor problems can be flagged and stamped out before they get out of control.

Santa Barbara’s bourgeoning cannabis industry still has its challenges and detractors. But on “the stink” it’s making headway.



Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 19:06

The Pleasant Hill City Council approved an ordinance Monday that will ban all commercial marijuana businesses, while allowing a maximum of two medical delivery services. The vote was unanimous.