Marin County Selects Four Finalists for Licensed Medical Marijuana Deliveries

Four businesses will move forward with a chance to obtain licenses for medical marijuana delivery in unincorporated Marin County.

Buttercup and Spring, Elite Herbs Inc., Express2You Inc., and Mohave Distribution LLC were selected from six semifinalists Monday. The original pool consisted of 15 businesses that each paid $3,000 to enter the lottery.

“The applicants were scored with a possible 20 points for their business plan, 50 points for their operating plan and 30 points for their public benefits plan,” according to the Marin County Journal but, oddly, the four finalists were still selected at random. “County planner Inge Lundegaard said the process was delayed by more than a month when one applicant who didn’t qualify for the lottery phase, Trinity Alps Collective, filed an appeal. All six of the finalists scored over 80 points.”

The four companies must now secure county approval for a designated office site. That will cost an additional $7,000. Under the county’s Nov. 2017 ordinance, these businesses must be kept 600 feet from schools, parks, and daycare centers despite the fact that no cannabis can actually be sold from the premises.