LASD Deputy to Confess in Elaborate Marijuana Heist

A former deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to plead guilty for his role in an elaborate scheme to steal more than a half ton of marijuana and two safes full of cash from a legal marijuana distribution company.

Deputy Marc Antrim and a group of accomplices pulled off the caper on Oct. 29. Using department jackets, a department SUV, and a fraudulent warrant, they “raided” the downtown L.A. warehouse under the guise of a legitimate law enforcement operation. They confiscated more than 1,200 pounds of marijuana and more than $630,000 in cash and money orders.

Antrim, who was working as a patrol deputy in the sheriff's Temple City station, was caught after someone called the LAPD. Another truck that was used in the heist was traced to one of Antrim’s accomplices. The ex-deputy now faces a minimum of 12 years for two of the five crimes he has confessed to. He has also been relieved of duty without pay.

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