Lab Fraud Prompts Massive Marijuana Recall

Last month, we told you about a Sacramento laboratory caught faking its marijuana screening reports. Now, the scheme has resulted in a massive recall of cannabis on California’s market.

Twenty-nine cannabis companies were ordered to recall 848 marijuana products last week — ranging from flowers to hash and extracts — as a result of the fraud at Sequoia Analytical Labs. The recall could affect up to 60 cultivators, with costs estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

Below is a copy of the letter the companies received from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC):

(BCC Letter to distributors)

Sequoia Analytical Labs has surrendered their Cannabis Testing Laboratory license (C8-17-0000009- TEMP).

You’re being contacted because you may have arranged to have batches tested for regulatory compliance with Sequoia Analytical Labs after June 30, 2018. Please contact all retailers to whom you have distributed these batches and request that all cannabis goods remaining in the retailer’s possession from these batches be returned to you.

Any cannabis goods from these batches, returned by consumers to the retailer, must be destroyed. Any cannabis goods returned from a retailer’s inventory or remaining in your inventory may be destroyed, or may be re-sampled and re-tested after obtaining approval from the Bureau. Any cannabis goods from these batches may not be released to a retailer without re-sampling and re-testing.

To arrange for the re-sampling and re-testing of the cannabis goods, please submit a request in writing to You must obtain approval from the Bureau before the re-sampling and retesting occurs. Please provide the following information, so we may review your request to have the cannabis goods from these batches re-sampled and re-tested:

• Date of initial sampling
• Laboratory ID number
• Batch ID number
• Cannabis goods description
• Cannabis goods producer information (i.e. cultivation or manufacturer’s name/license number)
• Name of licensed laboratory to perform the re-sampling and re-testing
• Proposed date of re-sampling
• Reason for the request to re-sample and re-test