The Grace Period for Unlicensed Medical Pot is Coming to an End

In some 72 hours, any medical marijuana collective or co-op that has not received a permit from California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) will become an illegal enterprise for the very first time.

Citing their therapeutic value, state regulators have allowed medicinal marijuana businesses to operate without state licenses up until this point. But that grace period sunsets on Jan. 9, at which point any unlicensed medical marijuana facilities will be subject to prosecution.

We don’t know how many medical co-ops or collectives are currently operating without licenses, but the number could be “in the hundreds,” according to Marijuana Business Daily. Many of those are in the City of Los Angeles, which has been notoriously slow to issue local permits.

The question now is whether we’ll see a flood of dispensary raids. Industry officials differ in their predictions. What’s clear, one San Diego-based cannabis attorney said, is that this is a “sort of symbolic end to what people felt like has governed the industry for the last 20 years.”