California Growers Association to Drop “Stacking” Lawsuit

The California Growers Association has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit it filed against the California Department of Food and Agriculture last year, which was aimed at stopping cultivators from using legal loopholes to operate large-scale marijuana farms. The move signals a shift in thinking under the Association’s new leadership following the departure of its former executive director Hezekiah Allen.

Under cultivation licensing rules issued in 2017, cultivation licenses for “large” grows measuring over 1 acre outdoors or more than 22,000 square feet indoors were supposed to be put on hold until 2023. To get around it, a number of businesses began acquiring multiple — sometimes hundreds — of small licenses in order to operate large farms anyway. The Association sued, claiming this violated the spirit and letter of Prop. 64.

The Association asked a Sacramento judge to dismiss that suit on Jan. 8 shortly after Nathan Whittington replaced Allen as director.

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