California City is Expanding Marijuana Delivery Services

The number of delivery-only marijuana retail outlets in California City will soon increase from two to ten, following a vote last month by the City Council.

The decision was made during the first Council meeting featuring the city’s new mayor Chuck McGuire and two new council members on Dec. 11. The vote was 3-2 to with Donald Parris and Gene Stump dissenting.

Parris has said he believes the city already allows enough commercial cannabis businesses. Parris and Stump both wanted to wait until the application process for the two approved businesses is complete before moving forward with an increase.

Because of the bans on commercial marijuana across Kern County, delivery enterprises in California City end up servicing large swaths of the Antelope Valley.

In addition to raising the number of delivery-only businesses, the Council approved several changes to the application process for all commercial marijuana businesses in California City. You can read more about those changes and the increase in California City’s pot delivery services at the Antelope Valley Press.