San Diego Pot Dispensaries Undergo Auditing Blitz

San Diego city officials are taking a good look at the books to ensure they’re reaping the full benefits of legalized marijuana.

Twelve of the city’s 13 marijuana dispensaries are undergoing audits to ensure full compliance with a 5% tax on marijuana sales approved by voters, which will jump to 8% in July. The city is also keeping a close eye on medical marijuana distribution to ensure only legitimate patients are receiving tax-free medicinal weed. Officials are gathering the names of suppliers to make sure they’re paying their fair share as well.

The effort is aimed at enhancing and protecting local revenues from marijuana. City revenue from cannabis totaled $2.7 million between January and June of 2018. Officials are banking on more than $6 million in revenue for the current budget year ending June 30.

So far, the industry has been supportive of the audits and most say the requests have been reasonable. Prominent San Diego cannabis industry attorney Jessica McElfresh did express concerns about increased restrictions on medical marijuana patients, however.

The audits are expected to conclude sometime this month.