Rural Alameda Gears Up for Pot Grows

Rural parts of Alameda County are getting ready to join the commercial marijuana cultivation fold. The first legal marijuana farms could be debuting within six months, with a total of 10 expected by next year.

A number of residents in Livermore and surrounding areas have expressed apprehensiveness about the coming grows.

“Legalizing cannabis is still a fresh concept and should not be taken lightly,” one local rancher wrote to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, adding that even legal cannabis “is “highly targeted for theft and crime” and can be environmentally destructive.

For others, the idea of commercial cannabis just doesn’t square with the image of a traditional, rural farming community. Odors too have been a concern.

But after two years of discussions, the naysayers have little choice. The Board has already given the nod to the grows, which must be covered greenhouses kept at leat 1,000 feet from daycares or schools. On Monday, they will discuss some of the more technical aspects of permitting.

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