Martinez Still Debating Rules for Personal Pot Grows

Martinez officials will go back to the drawing board before finalizing restrictions on personal marijuana grows in the city.

On Dec. 6, the City Council asked staff to modify the proposed ordinance, which would have imposed some onerous restrictions on the six plants or less than can be grown outdoors. These included that the structure used to grow the plants be fastened to the foundation, be equipped with a filtration and ventilation system, comply with building codes, and not be visible to the public. Some city council members also want the plants invisible to neighbors.

“I think this is overkill,” said Vice Mayor Noralea Gipner.

The modified rules could allow for backyard greenhouses. If the walls are opaque, it’s going to need some type of light source, which raises its own issues. If it’s transparent, it requires a permit. Clearly, there is more work to be done.

We’ll get a glimpse of the ordinance’s modified version on Dec. 19. Rules for commercial marijuana grows will be hammered out separately at a later date.