Marijuana Testing Lab Shut Down After Discovery of Falsified Reports

One of just four labs in Sacramento authorized to test marijuana for public consumption has been shut down after authorities discovered it hadn’t been screening the products for pesticides at all.

According to the Bureau of Cannabis Control, not a single batch of pot being tested by Sequoia Analytical Labs was screened for 22 specific pesticides that must be tested for under California law. The lab’s director Marc Foster had been filing false reports since July when the new testing requirements for California’s commercial marijuana stock first kicked in.

As many as 700 improperly tested batches of marijuana, each weighing approximately 50 pounds, are now on shelves and available for human consumption. Authorities have no easy way of tracking them down.

The lab’s manager Steven Dutra says he was unaware of what Foster was up to and that he hopes to get his license back with a new director. He added that Sequoia Analytical Labs is fully cooperating with the BCC.

There are only 44 authorized cannabis testing labs in California to date, which is a small number given consumers' growing appetite for pot. In January, their duties will increase when they begin additional screening for heavy metals. 

The BCC has not publicly commented on the problems at Sequoia Analytical Labs.