San Francisco Launches Education Campaign for Marijuana-Tempted Youth

San Francisco health officials are hoping to dispel some popular myths about cannabis use among young people in the progressive Bay City.

A new campaign called “Truth or Nah” was launched by the Public Health Department Monday. It was developed with help from local middle and high school students and is primarily aimed at educating adolescents and young teens. The public service effort will include bus ads, posters, a website, and a social media blitz.

One of the myths officials will try to dispel is the notion that cannabis smoke can’t cause lung cancer like cigarettes. They also want young people to be aware that edibles can contain high contents of THC that can kick in abruptly, causing sudden impairment.

“It’s more imperative than ever that young people understand the potential dangers of cannabis use,” said San Francisco Unified School District Deputy Superintendent Gentle Blythe, as quoted by CBS News.

Cannabis use among 12-to-17-year-olds is on the rise nationwide, but recent studies do not show a strong link between teen pot use and state legalization. A survey of San Francisco Unified students found that 20.5% had used marijuana by their senior year.