Move Over Coppola Wines. Coppola Weed is Almost Here.

World renowned film producer and NorCal winemaker Francis Ford Coppola is hoping to parlay his success in the wine industry into something a bit more green. The 79-year-old mastermind behind cinema classics like The Godfather has officially launched a new cannabis brand known as The Grower’s Series.

The new brand is the product of a partnership between Coppola and sustainable cannabis farm Humboldt Brothers. Forbes says it will offer three limited-edition, organic cannabis strains which the company specifies are “hand-selected to offer distinct and memorable experiences.”

Cultivated and curated by co-founders Johnny Deim (CEO) and Brett Todoroff (Chief Farming Officer), the duo selected a sativa-dominent strain, an indica-dominant strain and a hybrid — all grown on separate plots of land at different elevations to showcase the region’s diverse microclimates. Each one-gram container of flower are packaged together in a wine bottle-shaped tin, topped with a version of Coppola’s signature label and an embossed pot leaf. Each box will retail for $99 and comes with a branded pipe and rolling papers.

The Grower’s Series products will become available at California dispensaries this December. Eager patrons can also pre-order for home delivery.