Milpitas May Ban Commercial Pot for Good

Just when it looked like Milpitas was ready to open its doors to the marijuana industry, the city has decided to move forward with a permanent ban on commercial pot.

At a heated meeting on Nov. 20, the City Council voted 4-0 to have staff draft two ordinances — one that would permanently prohibit commercial marijuana in the city and another “urgency” ban that could take effect immediately while the permanent law is being drawn. The city is also looking to restrict marijuana deliveries.

The Council was only recently considering a plan to allow up to 10 dispensaries, but it faced a fierce public backlash. High emotions were on display again at the Nov. 20 meeting, which saw interruptions, yelling, and one arrest.

A temporary ban on commercial marijuana is already in place in Milpitas but it sunsets early next year. The latest urgency ban must be approved by the city’s Planning Commission.

Councilman Anthony Phan recused himself from the Nov. 20 vote due to his prior employment with a cannabis-linked consulting business.

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