Massive Weed Bust in Trinity County

A large pot bust in Trinity County this month resulted in the seizure of over 900 marijuana plants and 5,069 pounds of untested cannabis ready to be sold on the black market. 32 people were detained, including some with fake police badges and weaponry.

The bust, carried out in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, came after California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials spotted hundreds of illegal plants, water tanks, and a sophisticated irrigation system from the air.

In a statement, David Bess, Deputy Director and Chief of the CDFW Law Enforcement Division, noted that illegal grows “prevent legitimized cultivators from thriving, harm California's sensitive natural resources with diverted waterways and illegal pesticides and put untested cannabis products on the black-market.”

"We support the legal cannabis market where cultivators obtain permits, take action to prevent environmental impacts and comply with applicable state and local laws,” he added.

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