Lompoc Will Issue Letters of Authorization for Pot Businesses Amid Delays

The Lompoc City Council voted Monday to move forward with an emergency plan to streamline the commercial marijuana permitting process in that city.

Lompoc has been experiencing major delays in its quest to issue permits for commercial pot. In fact, nearly nine months after the city began accepting applications for commercial marijuana businesses, the city has issued only six permits. This is a problem as December approaches. The Bureau of Cannabis Control has warned that any applications for a temporary permit received after Dec. 1 may not be processed in time to issue a permit before January 1, 2019.

In order to get the ball rolling, Lompoc says it will now issue letters of authorization pending the review of local cannabis applications. These letters don't mean applicants can establish their marijuana businesses just yet, but it allows them to jumpstart the application process with the state before the deadline closes in.

“What this does is simply allow for these businesses, which are currently in the process of acquiring a local permit, to begin the state application process and meet the deadline set by the BCC,” Lompoc Valley Cannabis Coalition co-founder Joe A. Garcia told KEYT

In the absence of these letters of authorization, applicants “may not may not get a license for a year or more” said City Manager Jim Throop, adding that many of them are already paying rent and other overhead.

Monday’s vote was unanimous. It follows similar moves in Long Beach and Los Angeles.



Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 19:06

The Pleasant Hill City Council approved an ordinance Monday that will ban all commercial marijuana businesses, while allowing a maximum of two medical delivery services. The vote was unanimous.