Lompoc to Hold Special Meeting on Cannabis Permitting Delays

It’s been nearly nine months since Lompoc began accepting applications for commercial pot businesses, but the city has issued just six permits so far. With frustrations mounting, city leaders now plan to hold discussions on the process’s sluggishness.

The City Council voted last week to schedule a special meeting for Monday, Nov. 26. It will take place at 6:30 p.m. in Council chambers.

Both the city and the consulting group that has been helping it field applications say Lompoc’s delays are far from unique. Numerous regulations at both the state and local levels have meant a high degree of scrutiny and the city did not hire additional staff to handle the workload. Still, they say streamlining remains a priority.

“I love money,” said City Manager Throop, referencing the revenue that his city stands to reap from marijuana businesses (Lompoc Record). “I want the money to come flowing in; we need it for the budget. So my goal is to get (them) through as quickly as possible, but it is tough when you still already have your regular job to do and then you have a new permitting process that is extremely cumbersome to go through.”

Among the possible interim solutions are temporary permits that could be issued by the state in conjunction with so-called “letters of authorization” from the city. These would allow operators to get the ball rolling on the state permitting process, but would not be enough on their own to facilitate a business opening. Those temporary permits would not be issued until the start of next year and applications would have to be submitted to the state by Dec. 1.


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