Video: Utah Senator Tries Marijuana For the First Time

Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis says he had never smoked, ingested, or “shot up” marijuana in his life — that is until the other day when he ingested some edibles (gummies) in Las Vegas and posted the experience on his Facebook page for all the world to see.

Dabakis was trying to raise awareness about Utah’s Proposition 2, which would legalize medicinal marijuana. The senator supports the measure.

Of course, you probably want to know how Dabakis’ first dance with Mary Jane turned out. He started out with half of a gummy and didn’t feel anything. About an hour later, he took another half “and that’s where it kind of kicked in,” he told VICE.

“I just felt a kind of warm glow. It wasn’t life-changing, it didn’t seem like it was anything profound. I didn’t find God or anything.”

You can see his video here.

Will Dabakis’ rather innocuous experience do away with some of the fear ahead of Nov. 6? Time will tell.

P.S. Senator, no one shoots up marijuana.