Premature Cannabis Applications Cause Some Hiccups for California City

California City has a couple of budget dilemmas to contend with, including one related to marijuana business applications in the city, reports the Mojave Desert News.

The city’s decision to accept applications for cannabis dispensaries last February before the city council had given its approval has resulted in some fallout.

The applicants paid the required set fees for those applications, background checks, etc., associated with that permit and license. Since the city jumped the gun, they are now having to reimburse those applicants their money from the current budget, which has not accounted for that unexpected expense.

City Manager Robert Stockwell says one cannabis business owner has already been reimbursed. More are expected to follow.

Additionally, a slight adjustment will have to be made to California City’s next budget, thanks to a miscalculation in the assessment for Measure C — a 2018 voter-approved parcel tax increase for public safety. The actual billed amount it turns out is 28 cents too much.

Civic watchdog Al Hutson made the claim, which was answered by Stockwell, who said that the city had made a mistake in their calculation and that the 28-cent overcharge is real and would be corrected in the next budget cycle. In total it is under $2,000, and not significant.