Mountain View Will Allow Up to Four Marijuana Businesses

Four recreational marijuana businesses will soon be permitted in Mountain View pending a follow-up vote by the City Council on Oct. 23.

In a 5-2 vote on Oct. 2, council members approved allowing two dispensaries and two delivery businesses in the downtown area, excluding Grant Park Plaza. Mayor Lenny Siegel and council members Chris Clark, John McAlister, Ken Rosenberg and Pat Showalter voted yes. Margaret Abe-Koga and Lisa Matichak were opposed.

The vote followed an emotional public meeting, in which dozens of residents -- most of them opposed to the ordinance -- expressed their opinions. One even called legalization of commercial marijuana and the permitting of the businesses “evil,” according to Mountain View Voice. Proposition 64, however, was supported by nearly two-thirds of the city’s voters.

Under the new ordinance, prospective marijuana businesses must first pass a rigorous background investigation and enter a lottery system. They will fork over more than $100,000 in local fees to operate in the city, not including taxes. A measure on the November ballot would have them pay 9 percent of gross receipts.


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