The Marijuana Tax That Could Help Educate San Joaquin County Children

Localities across California are pursuing a number of initiatives to help fund education efforts this November. But one measure in San Joaquin County is raising eyebrows for its unconventional approach.

On its face, Measure B is just another pot tax. It would impose a tax on marijuana businesses between 3.5% and 8% of gross receipts, plus a $2-per-square foot tax for cultivation spaces. But its proponents say the real aim is helping children.

Projected revenue from Measure B comes out to an estimated $3 million per year, and 30% of that would be set aside for early childhood education, child literacy, and youth drug prevention programs. By the fifth year of the program, the percentage being set aside for kids would rise to 50%.

Measure B was approved for the November ballot in a 3-2 vote by county supervisors. It requires two-thirds support to pass.