Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Farmers Want the Chance to Grow Pot

If you and your family headed to the pumpkin patch this year, there’s a decent chance you encountered a gourd or two grown in Half Moon Bay. The San Mateo County city bills itself as the World Pumpkin Capital, producing some 3,500 tons annually. 

Pumpkin profitability has been waning in recent years though. And after Nov. 6, some pumpkin farmers hope they’ll be able to supplement with a greener crop: cannabis.

If approved, Measure GG would legalize and regulate commercial marijuana cultivation in Half Moon Bay.

“If that doesn’t pass, there won’t be a pumpkin farm” anymore, farmer Eda Muller said at a recent city council meeting. “Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

Farmers like Eda have received plenty of pushback from city residents who don’t want to see the culture and landscape of their city change. Critics say the farmers can surely incorporate other crops beside cannabis.

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