Four States Could Legalize Marijuana in Some Form Next Month

To date, nine states have legalized adult-use marijuana. Dozens more allow medicinal pot. With the midterm elections just weeks away, several more could soon be added to the list.

Missouri, Utah, Michigan, North Dakota, Illinois, and Tennessee all have cannabis reform initiatives on the ballot this November. Four of them have measures that would legalize marijuana in some form.

In Missouri, there are a grand total of three marijuana initiatives — more than any other state in the union. All of them would legalize medical cannabis and at least one of them is considered likely to pass.

Utah’s marijuana ballot measure is also related to medicinal cannabis. Whether voters approve it or not, Utah’s governor has indicated that his state is ready to pursue legalization of medical cannabis.

Almost 10 years after legalizing medical marijuana, Michigan voters will decide whether to open their state up to recreational pot. Public polling shows the measure winning so far.

North Dakotans will also consider legalizing adult use, but the fate of Measure 3 is far less certain.

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