Canada Already Struggling to Keep Up With Pot Demand

Some fears that Canada was headed for a shortage of pot appear to coming to fruition two weeks after it became the second country in the world to legalize adult-use cannabis.

Bloomberg News reports that dispensaries are finding it hard to keep up with consumer demand.

“The government-run Ontario Cannabis Store received 100,000 orders in its first 24 hours, more than all other provinces combined and is receiving new supplies on a regular basis, it said. In Quebec, online and in-store orders totaled nearly 140,000 in the first week of legalization, and the provincial-owned retailer indicated Wednesday it may have to close some locations as producers couldn’t meet demand,” according to Bloomberg.

With that said, the government is denying any “widespread shortage,” saying supply issues are predominantly limited to certain strains.

The country’s industry is also facing onerous licensing requirements (sound familiar?) that make it harder to fulfill the public’s appetite for weed.

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