Sonoma County Has Destroyed 600 Illegal Pot Farms This Year

Sonoma County is taking the scourge of illegal marijuana grows seriously. Since the start of the year, the county says it has shuttered 600 pot farms that were operating without permits and issued fines totaling nearly $450,000.

“We have a lot more to go,” said County Permit Office Director Tennis Wick. That 600 figure represents just 10% of the illicit pot farms officials believe could be operating in Sonoma County.

The price of these black market sites can be massive for the community. Illicit grows not only undermine the legal market, but wreak havoc on the environment.

Some marijuana advocates point out that the permitting process is slow, pushing some would-be licensed operators into the shadows. Alongside the enforcement, they’d liked to see a simpler, more streamlined process.



Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 18:07

El Monte’s City Council is set to decide on a proposed marijuana processing and distribution center in the 4400 block of Temple City Boulevard next week.