Pot Leaf Shirts Are About to Be Illegal in One of Canada’s Largest Provinces

Marijuana will officially become legal in Quebec -- and the rest of Canada -- in 28 days. But the iconic marijuana leaf? Not so much.

From HuffPo: 

A clause in Quebec's law adapting the federal legalization of marijuana prohibits the sale, exchange or donation of any product branded with "an image directly associated with cannabis," according to a report at HuffPost Quebec.

"The operator of a business or a cannabis producer may not sell, give away or exchange an object that is not cannabis if a name, logo, distinctive sign, design, image or slogan that is directly associated with cannabis, a cannabis brand, the Société québécoise du cannabis or a cannabis producer appears on this (product)," reads section 50 of the province's Cannabis Regulation Act.

That means you won’t even be able to buy a t-shirt with a pot leaf on it in Canada’s second most populous province.

Violators will face fines ranging between $5,000 and $62,500.


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