Parsing Marijuana’s Performance in the 2018 Legislative Session

California’s 2018 legislative session saw a number of cannabis-related proposals. As Marijuana Business Daily notes, this session was a "mixed bag," with some notable victories -- as well as some major disappointments -- for the state’s cannabis industry.

Cannabis-related bills that passed the Legislature include:

SB1459, which establishes provisional licenses for cannabis companies awaiting their annual permits.

SB 311, which permits licensed distributors to sell and transport products to other distributors.

AB 1863, which allows cannabis businesses to deduct standard business expenses under the state personal income tax.

AB 1741, which allows marijuana businesses alternative methods of payment aside from electronic funds transfer when paying state taxes.

AB 829, which allows certain cannabis businesses to distribute cannabis to medical patients free of charge.

AB 2020, which expands venues for cannabis festivals. 

Among the bills that failed was one which would have temporarily reduced the state marijuana excise tax, a bill that would have created state-chartered banks to handle marijuana transactions, and legislation allowing cultivators and manufacturers to obtain temporary retail licenses in order transport and sell their goods.