Novato Mulls Outdoor Marijuana Grows

The City of Novato is considering a plan that would allow residents to grow their personal marijuana plants outdoors as well as indoors.

Currently, all outdoor cannabis growth is prohibited in Novato. But an ordinance unanimously advanced by the Planning Commission on Monday would change that, allowing for both indoor and outdoor cultivation of personal marijuana. If so, Novato officials believe they would become one of the first jurisdictions to allow for indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis for personal use.

There would be limitations. Outdoor marijuana cultivation would only be permitted for single-family homes and duplexes, not for apartments or condominiums. They would also be prohibited if the dwelling is located too close to a park, church or school.

The city council will take up the ordinance on Oct. 2. Meanwhile, new rules regulating commercial cannabis businesses are also expected to be approved in the near future.


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