New Website Aims to Halt BCC’s Open Delivery Plans

A group of political heavyweights have launched a new website dedicated to stopping the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s plan to allow marijuana deliveries statewide.

The “Stop Wandering Weed” site was launched Friday by the California League of Cities, the California Police Chiefs Association and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Western States Council, which are all vehemently opposed to the delivery proposal.

“When voters passed Prop 64, California promised strict regulations that would keep our children and communities safe,” the website states. “Now the Bureau of Cannabis Control has proposed new rules that wipe out safety controls, allowing marijuana to be delivered anywhere in California – even to your doorstep. Will your children be home?”

The homepage features statements from Covina Mayor Walt Allen and California Police Chiefs Association President David Swing.

The cannabis industry is, by and large, in favor of the delivery proposal. Despite the legalization of commercial cannabis, most local jurisdiction still have bans in place. Critics say this thwarts the will of voters and results in a de facto ban on a legalized product.


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