Leafly: 11 Pro-Cannabis Politicians Who Changed the Game

Over the past year and a half, a number of politicians have hopped aboard the marijuana legalization train. But it’s worth remembering a time not so long ago when only a handful of elected officials chose to be so bold.

Leafly hasn’t forgotten. It has published a piece remembering 11 politicians who supported cannabis reform before it was cool, making immense contributions to a movement now supported by 60% of Americans.

The list could be far more comprehensive. Leafly focuses on national figures in the U.S. and elsewhere, with a list including Gary Johnson, U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Uruguay President Jose Mujica. But there were politicians at the state and local levels too, including California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who pushed for key cannabis reform efforts early on.

Read Leafly’s full list here


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