Do You Know an Illegal Pot Shop When You See It?

Despite ongoing efforts to rein in Los Angeles’ illicit pot industry, unlicensed businesses continue to operate in plain view. Do you know how to avoid them?

The City Attorney’s Office is making it easy. It has provided the addresses for 105 businesses which it says are operating without valid licensing right now. It has also compiled an online list and map of all licensed entities in the city so that you can cross check any dispensary you intend to buy from.

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between a legitimate and unlicensed shop. L.A. hopes patrons will take the time to vet them, especially if they want to support ongoing cannabis reform efforts and the city’s nascent legal marijuana industry.

"We just can't compete with these illegal dispensaries that are undercutting us... If they make [taxes] lower and actually let us compete against the illegal dispensaries, then we would see a return of our long-time customers," one L.A. dispensary owner recently told KPCC.

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