In Woodlake, Cannabis Pays Off

Woodlake residents are riding a wave of bolstered city services less than a year after approving a 1 percent sales tax and a tax on cannabis businesses.

In November, 225 Woodlake residents voted in favor of Measure R — a 1 percent sales tax. Measure S — a cannabis sales tax — passed with more than half of voters in favor.

City officials estimated Measure S could bring upward of $700,000 a year to the city. Measure R is estimated to bring in an extra $430,000 annually. The city has collected $75,000 in Measure R taxes since April 1.

In July, it was announced that Valley Pure, Woodlake's only dispensary, had generated more than $46,000 in sales tax revenue in its first three months of business.

Valley Pure opened its doors in May, giving city officials a fairly accurate number of their sales, said Tony Caudle, manager of Valley Pure.

As a result of the new revenue streams, there’s a new Parks and Recreation Department, at least one new police patrol vehicle, and a revitalization project for the community center underway. More dispensaries and a cultivation project are also expected to set up shop in the next year.

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