Judge Blocks SLO From Destroying Marijuana Grow

San Luis Obispo County’s marijuana enforcement crackdown hit a possible snag Thursday when a state judge issued a 30-day stay of execution for 200 plants whose destruction had been ordered by county authorities.

It’s a case being eyed closely by many in San Luis Obispo County where more than a dozen cultivators have lost cases before the new administrative cannabis hearings officer. If the grower succeeds, we can expect to see more lawsuits in the future.

San Luis Obispo County supervisors passed an emergency ordinance in 2016 that required cultivators to register their sites with the county and meet a series of code enforcement requirements. The following year, it banned cultivation in many zones, including sites where cultivators say they were once allowed to grow. Since then, a number of growers have been forced to close shop, with their plants being destroyed.

“It’s been confusing when you don’t know the process,” said Scott Hurshaujer, who filed the lawsuit against the county. “We are law-abiding citizens. We only did this because they said it was legal.”

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