Former Lt. Gov Under Investigation for Cannabis Grow

San Luis Obispo County code enforcement officers say they have found what appears to be a large cache of illegal cannabis plants growing on former Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado’s property. More than 30 acres of plants were discovered on a parcel owned by the prominent Santa Maria politician and his family, according to county Code Enforcement Supervisor Art Trinidade.

Maldonado has responded to the charges, claiming the plants are not cannabis, but rather hemp being grown for a university. Lab testing and documentation is needed to confirm that. Industrial hemp crops still require state registration. Once the investigation is complete, Maldonado may be headed for an enforcement hearing.

San Luis Obispo County is in the midst of a crackdown on illegal marijuana cultivation. The operators of dozens of unlicensed grows have been ordered to appear before hearing officers to face charges of illicit cannabis operations in the county.

An Aug. 6 article in the Santa Barbara Independent profiled Maldonado’s new commercial pot ventures and his evolving views on cannabis. You can read the article here


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