Can’t Get Enough Marijuana? Blame It on Your Genes.

A person’s propensity to use marijuana isn’t simply random, nor is it shaped solely by environmental factors. A new study published in Nature Neuroscience says it’s partly determined by our genes — 35, in fact, that make a person more likely to try the drug.

The researchers relied on genetic data from 180,000 people for the new study. Among those who used cannabis, they found some striking correlations.

“The study found a genetic overlap between cannabis use and the use of tobacco and alcohol,” according to a press release. “There was a similar overlap between cannabis use and personality types that were prone to more risky behavior or were more extroverted.”

The researchers also found that people with schizophrenia and ADHD are more likely to use cannabis as a means of coping.

Overall, the researchers concluded that genetics account for 11% of the differences in cannabis use between different people.

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