California Sees Its Second Cannabis Product Recall

New state standards and testing requirements have changed the game for marijuana companies since taking effect July 1. For the second time, a dispensary has voluntarily recalled a product because it could not pass requirements at one of the state’s 31 licensed laboratories. 

David Elias, CEO of Los Angeles-based Lowell Herb Co., confirmed to Marijuana Business Daily that his pre-roll-production business had issued a voluntary recall beginning July 27 after a testing lab reversed its initial finding that a specific batch passed muster and was cleared for retail sale.

“We are in the process of a voluntary recall,” Elias said Monday, adding that the company has already contacted 74 retailers that had the affected pre-rolls on shelves.

The recall involved two stock-keeping units (SKUs) and is “an expensive hit we will be taking,” he said, because the company has decided to destroy all the recalled pre-rolls instead of trying to remediate the product and get it back to market.

The first product to face a voluntary recall was a vape cartridge that was found to contain the pesticide Myclobutanil. As more products undergo new testing, we can undoubtedly expect more.