A California Company Says It Has Created the First Marijuana Breathalyzer

Hounds Labs in Oakland has been plugging away for more than a year on a device that can accurately detect stoned driving. Finally, its hard work has paid off.

The company has unveiled a duel marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer that it claims can detect whether someone has used marijuana within the past two hours. If it works as Hounds Labs says it does it, it would be a pivotal moment for law enforcement as it struggles to enforce laws against stoned driving.

The device has been a long time coming because of the tricky science behind cannabis intoxication.

"THC is something like a billion times less concentrated than alcohol. That's why it hasn't been done before because it's really hard. It's taken us five years to overcome those scientific obstacles,” said Hounds Lab CEO Mike Lynn.

There are still hurdles to overcome. Hounds Labs’ device cannot detect the amount of THC consumed, so it’s difficult to know whether or not the individual is actually impaired. That part may take old fashioned police work until the science is further solidified.

Police all over the nation will begin working with Hounds Labs to test out the new devices this fall. Meanwhile, a number of other companies are racing to finish similar products.

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