Santa Barbara Crowns Three Retail Pot Dispensaries

Santa Barbara has chosen three retail marijuana dispensaries that will be authorized to do business in the city. The decision concludes an 8-month-long selection process “so painstakingly meticulous it can withstand any scrutiny” in the words of one police official.

A total of fourteen businesses applied for permits. There were six finalists. In the end, the authorization was given to Coastal Dispensary, Farmacy S.B., and Golden State Greens.

Each of the applicants were evaluated based on criteria developed by the city council with the help of the police department. They were assigned numerical values. To be considered, a dispensary needed a ranking of at least 900 out of 1,000 possible points.

It will be months before the dispensaries can hold any ribbon cuttings. They must now face the city’s strict design review process.

In addition to the three adult-use dispensaries, two medical shops will soon be in full operation, eventually bringing the total number of Santa Barbara cannabis dispensaries to five.