Quacks and Junk Science: Fending off Dubious Marijuana Health Claims

Everybody wants to get a piece of California’s green rush. Unfortunately, that includes grifters and snake oil salesmen looking to capitalize on the nascent science behind marijuana’s health benefits.

To be sure, cannabis has demonstrated some healing and analgesic properties. But claims like “marijuana cures cancer” are completely unsubstantiated and should not be trusted without further research.

“We know that a component in cannabis — CBD — might be useful in treating cancer,” said Dr. Joseph A. Califano III, director of the Head and Neck Cancer Center at UC San Diego. “But we don’t know if marijuana can stop or cure it. In some cases, cannabis might make things worse. It’s going to take time to find out.”

The Los Angeles Times recently took a look at some of the other myths about marijuana and health making the rounds. From a completely sober and empirical perspective, it seeks to clear up the confusion.

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