One in Five Marijuana Samples Fail New State Standards

We’re getting the first look at test results on California’s marijuana supply since new safety regulations took effect July 1. According to the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, 20% of products coming into labs aren't up to snuff.

1 in 5 marijuana samples tested by the state’s 31 licensed laboratories failed, either because they contained contaminants or because they contained inaccurate labeling. For the first time last week, a cannabis product was also recalled from stores because it contained the pesticide Myclobutanil and does not comply with new state standards.

It’s a sign that things are working just as they were intended to and that products are becoming safer, industry experts say. But there have been hiccups. The dearth of licensed laboratories has resulted in shortages at dispensaries across the state.

So far, 5,268 batches of marijuana have undergone testing in California.


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