Marijuana Ordinance Approved in Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach has approved a new commercial cannabis ordinance allowing for a single adult use dispensary within city limits.

Wednesday’s vote was 3-2 with Council Members Robert Patton and Lori Bragg voting against the measure. It followed two hours of public comment and council deliberations in which 25 residents spoke. Most of them were in favor of the ordinance.

Any cannabis business that wishes to obtain Imperial Beach’s one and only available permit will have to undergo a strict application and evaluation process. The fee to apply is $10,000. The business must be able to show that it has at least $300,000 in liquid assets plus a detailed security plan and at least one experienced manager. It will then undergo a series of background checks. The dispensary cannot be located within 900 feet of a daycare, school or park.

Wednesday’s vote was delayed after having initially been scheduled for June. Council members were prompted to act in part by a local ballot initiative that would have allowed multiple dispensaries in the city. It garnered more than 3,000 signatures but was ultimately blocked from appearing on the ballot due to a technical error.

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