Santa Barbara Launches New Cannabis Regulation and Licensing Website

A number of land use amendments that address permitting of cannabis businesses have taken effect in Santa Barbara County, along with a local ordinance on business licensing. To assist the industry and residents, the county has launched a new website at It contains a searchable zoning map showing when and where commercial cannabis operations can be launched; a checklist of requirements for obtaining a business license and links to state licensing information; a summary of pertinent tax information; and a complaint filing mechanism for commercial cannabis activities.

Cannabis related activities will first need to go through County Planning and Development to receive a permit. Once permitted, individuals may apply for a business license. The intake of permit applications (building, zoning, ministerial or discretionary) will be conducted by appointment. Cannabis Zoning Review (Planner Consultations) for properties in the Coastal Zone under temporary state licensure will also be handled by appointment.

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