A Reminder for Cannabis Businesses: Comply with Prop 65 or Pay the Price

A Santa Rosa pot dispensary will pay $40,000 in fines and civil penalties for running afoul of California’s Proposition 65.

Sonoma Patient Group failed to provide adequate warnings about potential cancer-causing substances in its products. Under Proposition 65, passed by voters in 1986, businesses must disclose the use of any chemicals with the potential to cause cancer or birth defects. Cannabis has been on the state’s official list of potential cancer-causing substances since 2009.

A consumer safety group that combs products in circulation for Prop 65 violations first reported the dispensary back in 2017.

Sonoma Patient Group is the oldest dispensary currently operating in Santa Rosa. As part of the settlement, it will also host educational seminars to alert other cannabis businesses about the importance of fully complying with Prop 65.


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