Pot Festival Founder Sues the BCC

The founder of a premier cannabis, arts and music festival is suing California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) for denying him a permit for the three-day pot jubilee known as the Chalice Festival.

The fête was scheduled to take place next month at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville. The event’s founder, Doug Dracup, received unanimous support from the board of the fairgrounds but was later rebuffed by the Victorville City Council. As a result, his permit from the BCC was denied. 

The BCC says it needs Victorville’s say-so before it sanctions the event, but Dracup says that isn’t true.

“The jurisdiction which holds legal authority over the SBC fairgrounds is the 28th DAA, who gave us our written approval, and the BCC rejected it,” said Dracup. “The BCC’s interpretation of the law, the Victorville City Council’s refusal to issue an approval letter as demanded by the BCC, and the ultimate denial of Chalice’s permit on the grounds of ‘local jurisdiction approval’ all violate clear and established case law about the state sovereignty of the county fairgrounds and the 28th DAA, which quite simply are not subject to ANY local municipal codes at either the city or county level.”

Dracup now hopes a court will force the BCC to issue the permit.

This is not the first time a pot festival has hit a snag in California. The San Bernardino City Council refused to permit cannabis sales at the High Times 420 Cannabis Cup earlier this year.